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We are Payrollpinas Corporation, a project of the RVE Software Company. Payrollpinas Corporation is a Philippine-based company and is duly registered with the Security and Exchange Commission. Our office is at Unit WS-1807, West Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Payrollpinas Corporation is a business solutions provider, offering systems for payroll, human resources, timekeeping, billing and other business processes. We also develop systems and customize pre-developed systems, according to our clients’ specific needs and requirements.The Payrollpinas Corporation owns and operates the first web-based payroll system in the Philippines. It aims to provide employers and employees access to and total control of their payroll information anytime, anywhere in the world. We cater to Philippine-based businesses and currently with a considerable amount of clients, generating approximately 300,000 pay slips annually, and operating in various parts of the archipelago.Payrollpinas Corporation boasts that it is the number one searchable payroll outsourcing provider in the Google Search Engine. To date, it maintains its position.


Payrollpinas Corporation is managed and operated by a team of professionals who has extensive and in-depth knowledge of and expertise in payroll, human resources, accounting, finance, infrastructure and systems and web development. The company’s management team values its employees and strives to provide them with an environment and structure which encourages productivity and respect for clients and fellow employees. Payrollpinas Corporation believes that professionalism can still be maintained even if the employees are given a free hand in the achievement of the Company’s objectives. Incentives and rewards are generously shared to all employees to encourage exceptional performance and personal gratification.


Payrollpinas Corporation caters to start-up and existing entities, from small-scale to large-sized operations and workforce, engaged in all types of industry. With the proliferation of business processing operations, there is a demand for our services and technology especially because majority of operators and clients of such industries are located in various parts of the Philippines and overseas. As payroll is an integral part in the set-up of a business, the presence of regular and untapped customer base is expected.

The company has in its roster of clients, renowned local and foreign companies operating in the Philippines, engaged in various fields such as broadcasting and communication, publishing and printing, construction and property management, business process outsourcing and call centers, manufacturing, retail, distribution and logistics, hotel and airport services, and computer and IT.


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