Payroll Pinas Features & Benefits

Payrollpinas Corporation had been in the business market of Online Payrolll Processing for more than 18 years now. It has pioneered the Online Payroll Outsourcing in the Philippines and has retained its position being on top.

Payrollpinas Corporation does not just process checks and payrolls; it performs and hosts a lot more other services. It is also delivered to clients packed with Features and Benefits to meet their needs and requirements.


Gross and Net Pay Calculations

Each and every employee’s gross and net pay calculations are viewable both by the employer and the employees of the company. These calculations may be viewed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Tax Computation

Computations of Withholding Taxes and other Taxes are automatically processed by the Payrollpinas system. Some computations are too complex and it varies depending on the employer’s and employees’ financial situation. Payrollpinas handles all situations which may arise with regards to tax computation and payment. It is also compliant with Tax Annualization.

Government-Mandated Contributions

In the Philippines, a number of Government-Mandated contributions are required from the employer. Such contributions like the SSS, PhilHealth and the HDMF are computed and processed automatically by Payrollpinas.

Government Forms

All of the required government forms are provided to the clients by Payrollpinas. These forms shall be emailed to you in PDF format and is inclusive of: SSS R1A, SSS R3, SSS ML2, PH ER2, PH RF1, PAGIBIG M1, PAGIBIG P2-4, BIR ALPHALIST and BIR 2316.


Another important and vital function of Payrollpinas is reporting or the generation of reports. Standard Reports would include Pay Slips and Payroll (Gross and Net Pay Calculations); SSS, PhilHealth and HDMF remittances; and the schedule of Withholding Taxes. Other reports includes: Pay Slips and Payroll, Overtime, Attendance, Loans, Deductions, Other Taxable Income and Other Non-Taxable Income Reports. More so, it also generates Accounting General Ledger Entries Summary and Bank Advice Transmittals and provides you with diskettes for such. The reporting function of Payrollpinas is the easiest way to see where most of your employee costs are being distributed. In this regard, planning better for the future and save costs may be easily achieved where appropriate.

Online Payroll Access

With Payrollpinas, employees’ records are automatically stored electronically. This is also a great feature for any business; you get to eliminate the need to save pay slips, receipts, or cost reports in paper format. Employees will definitely appreciate this feature because they will be able to access all the information they need anytime and anywhere. By using the Payrollpinas system, employers automatically give employees more control over their information and a lot less on wasteful storage mechanism for documents. Employers on the other hand, gains easy access to the electronically stored records as well. With this, employers would not need to talk to any payroll personnel should he have questions or inquiries with regards the payroll.

All these features may be customized depending on the needs and requirements of the client.



We assure you that with, your payroll systems are secured to the highest level. As an added security on the part of the client, you will be given the chance to designate a username and password to be able to log in to your account.


You have total control and may access your payroll system 24X7. Using your own personal computer or laptops with internet connection, accessing your payroll system would be a breeze.


With you wouldn’t need training to be able to use the system. Furthermore, the system is maintenance-free. You also unburden your payroll staff of such monotonous yet very vital task.

Cost-Efficiency assures you of reducing your overhead cost in many ways. More so, the cost of incorporating Payrollpinas into your business would not be as expensive as you could imagine.